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get paid to read emails

I’m back with another discovery: an easy beermoney site that is available to Filipino users! You can get paid to read emails – it’s as simple as that.

Clicks Genie pays you to read emails!

Clicks Genie is a website that pays you in cryptocurrency to read its emails.

You might ask how does it work? I’ll guide you!

Registering on their website is really easy.

clicks genie get paid to read emails register screenshot crypto earn
Here is a screenshot of their registration form.

They will then send you an activation link in your email. You must click that link to validate your account.

The next step is a very important one. It ensures that you are able to receive their emails so that you get paid when you read them. You must add Clicks Genie to your Contacts list.

clicks genie email screenshot get paid to read emails crypto
How to add Clicks Genie to your contacts

After adding Clicks Genie to your contacts, you can now receive emails from them.

Once you start receiving their emails, open them and follow the instructions.

Click and stay on the advertiser’s website for a predetermined amount of time and get paid!

Clicks Genie has two payment methods: FaucetHub and PerfectMoney. For your first payout, the minimum is $0.01. More specifically, minimum payout for FaucetHub is $0.01 worth of bitcoin, while it is $2.00 for PerfectMoney.

I might do a post in the future about basic tips to know about earning and getting paid in cryptocurrency. As for now, I’m still learning about the ins and outs of cryptocurrency.

The ads they send on the emails are non-invasive. They also just require 10 seconds to stay and read the ads in the emails, in my experience. Sometimes, I let the emails accumulate in my inbox and open them at a later time when I’m not busy or when I’m looking for something to do.

Register at Clicks Genie to start!

These tasks are really easy and require no sweat. Getting paid to read emails is so effortless and is a great addition to your beermoney sites.

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