Earn Rewards by Listening to Music on Spotify!

Learn how to earn rewards and redeem merchandise just by listening on Spotify!

The pursuit of beermoney is an exciting one because you always get surprised by the creative ways you can earn. I’ve found an app where users can earn rewards by listening to Spotify!

The app Renaissance lets you earn points or stars (✪) when you listen to music on Spotify.

Renaissance enables a direct connection between the music you listened to and the artists behind it.

Here you can:
– Collect stars through streaming music on Spotify.
– Use stars to redeem exclusive rewards.

Listening to music on Spotify is something a lot of us already do. Being able to earn points and redeem official merchandise is a huge bonus!

earn rewards by listening to spotify renaissance screenshot

I’ve been using it for two weeks only and I enjoy getting to earn stars just by listening on Spotify. I’m earning points for something that entertains me. This app is also very low maintenance since you don’t need to open the app to start earning.

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You must have a Spotify account to be able to use Renaissance. It does not matter if it’s a Free or Premium Spotify account. They will just need you to sign in to connect your account to Renaissance.

I can give you free 5 ✪ if you download the Renaissance app on and use my invite code: c221f579 .

Happy listening!

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