Get Paid to Receive SMS/Text Messages – McMoney

This app will pay you a small amount of money for receiving text messages on your phone.

Did you know you can get paid to receive SMS or text messages? McMoney is an app where you earn small amount of money when you receive text messages. As simple as that!

It accepts Philippine phone numbers and will need you to verify it.

mcmoney app

Once you’ve signed up and finished filling out your info, you will start receiving text messages for them. You earn $0.006 for every text message you receive.

You’re probably wondering what kind of contents from the messages you will receive. Well, McMoney helps different telecommunication networks from around the world in testing whether their SMS reach their destinations.

You receive these “test messages” and McMoney compensates you in cash. You can delete them once you’ve received them. It won’t affect your balance.

It’s so easy to maintain this app. You just sit back and get paid to receive messages! If you want to know more about other passive ways to earn beermoney in the Philippines, read the Passive Income category in BeerMoney Philippines.

$1.00 minimum balance is required in order to cash out in PayPal. They also have an option where you can donate your balance to charity.

This is what test messages look like.

What’s amazing with this is that you totally don’t have to do anything once you’ve installed it. You can literally just go on with what you were doing and let your balance accumulate. This app is totally passive.

I’ve earned $0.21 so far.

You can sign up at and learn more about it.

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